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Alien robot zombies...from hell! - It may all end tomorrow, or it could go on forever... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Alien robot zombies...from hell! [Oct. 4th, 2007|06:05 pm]
[music |Rockies/Phillies game]

There's nothing like walking past a group of NYPD officers loitering around downtown and hearing phrases like "fucking Iraqis" surface from them. On a similar note, there was an officer at a Bedstuy precinct who came out as gay to his coworkers. He then had the pleasure of hearing his colleagues call him a "faggot" and laugh and call him names when he brought his partner to an NYPD function of some sort. His boss said he was going to move him to the West Village precinct to "be with his people". I'm really glad that a bunch of such well-educated, informed, and open-minded people patrol my city! Hooray for the NYPD!

Guys did you know that Kellogg created Corn Flakes as a cure for masturbation? It's true! Apparently back in the day when they thought masturbation was related to illness, they found some way to roll out the corn that was supposed to "cure" one of his or her masturbatory tendencies. Now you know!

Can I express some love for Dr. Karla Jay, my woman studies professor? She is probably the most amazing lesbian, woman, HUMAN BEING in the world. She told us a fun anecdote today about how she was on some talk show in the 70's coz she is this amazing pioneer in gay/lesbian rights. The talk show host accidentally introduced her as "Karla Gay" instead of "Karla Jay". She came out and told the host that his Freudian slip was showing. He then asked her, "why do you people call yourselves gay...you don't seem very happy", to which Dr. Jay replied, "Well I used to call myself a practicing homosexual, but I've had enough practice now". OHSNAP. I love this woman and I love her class. We get to learn all about the lesbian lives of Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, Angelica Grimke, etc...it's amazing. Her humor doesn't seem to be appreciated by everyone in the class but I find it hilarious, so I sit back and chuckle to myself for three hours a week. Amazing.

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[User Picture]From: chanegamo
2007-10-05 04:45 am (UTC)
Omg let's tell Margaret, let's tell her!

And Leslie Fienberg is my life long hero. Isn't ze a great speaker?!?! I was brought to tears. We're trying to get hir for a Stonewall event. I feel like hir and Karla Jay could be besties and K-Jay can just snap hir right on over here!
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