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Si se puede [Nov. 5th, 2008|10:56 am]
Obama did it. Or we did it I should say. THANK GOD.

America can get past its racism enough to elect a black president, it can make lives happier for animals, it can shoot down resolutions limiting abortion rights. But it apparently cannot get over its homophobia.

I cried as Obama spoke last night. I cried all the way from South America. From my little hostel room in the shady district of Surquillo that I rented for the sole purpose of watching the elections. I have hope for the future.

But I am also scared for the future. I cried this morning upon reading the election results after 4 hours of restless sleep. Three more states banned gay marriage and one state prohibited gay couples from adopting. My beloved state that I was so proud of last May decided that I am a second-class citizen not worthy of the same rights as everyone else.

I really hope Obama lives up to what he says. I am ready for change.

Now comes the hard part.


Apparently hate and inequality bring about this reaction:

"Hooray! We will continue to be better and more worthy than homosexuals! They will never be equal to us!"